[j-nsp] Packet retransmissions

Ramesh Babu Koduru rameshbabu.koduru at vsnl.co.in
Mon Apr 4 07:33:43 EDT 2005

Ramesh babu
IP Network Operations
Phone : 91-2256591618
Mobile : 91-9223276243
Hi All ,

We are testing one broadcast video application on IP MPLS network
RTT between Video source & receiver is 290msec . Basically we are
transporting multiple TV Channels on MPLS network and trying to watch
the quality at other end..........but unfortunately we see occasional
video freezes at receiving end  and but there is no packet loss on the
network .When I put sniffer to observe packet patterns , I observed that
there are packet  re transmissions on the network .Can any one here has
experienced this kind of problem ? What could be the reason for packet
retransmissions while I am not seeing any kind of packet loss on the


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