[j-nsp] M10i commist sysc failed

Tim Thorne tthorne at plus.net
Wed Aug 10 10:35:10 EDT 2005

jjsyed at aol.com wrote:


>When we try to do "commit sync" on M10i's after making changes, the operation does not
>complete. It takes for ever. We then have to kill it, log out, log in as root and kill
>the session based on pid or terminal.  This happens because the master RE detects the
>slave RE as "present" but the slave RE is not functioning at all.  
>Why is the slave RE in state "present" if it is not functioning?

The box detects that there is RE hardware present, but the software
on the backup RE has not loaded thus you can't synch to it. It sounds
like you need to recover the backup RE and reload the software.

>Should "commit sync" not time out and the slave RE be declared as being in a failed state.

Why not just commit the config?

Tim Thorne

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