[j-nsp] load- balancing l2circuit stuff on an ae0...

Alexander Koch efraim at clues.de
Thu Aug 11 09:22:00 EDT 2005


we have l2circuit (MPLS transport from customers) that we
are sending to a switch over an aggregated Ethernet. This is
currently not load- balanced with our dreading 5.6daily we
still have.

I have spotted some stuff in the release notes, and I wanted
to check if anyone has seen this change/ fixing itself when
upgrading JunOS to something more recent (7.2, etc.).

It really is absolutely nasty if your MPLS transport traffic
(which then is just vlan- encapsulated traffic mostly) is
showing up on one member of the port bundle and only one.
The switch is doing it right, of course, it is all vlan
tagged traffic.

Any clues?


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