[j-nsp] MSDP

Roberts, Michael J. (IATS) RobertsMJ at missouri.edu
Thu Aug 11 10:01:44 EDT 2005

I have a multicast question for everyone.


So I have two peering routers that are connected back to back over a
GigE interface.  Each interface is configured with an IP address.  BGP
is peering directly with the interfaces.  PIM is running on the
interfaces, and the routers see each other as PIM neighbors.  Each
router is configured with a loopback address.  


When MSDP is configured, should it be configured to peer with the
neighbor's interface IP, or the loopback IP, or does it really make any
difference?  Also, would it make a difference, if one side was
configured to peer with the interface IP and the other side was
configured to peer with the neighboring router's loopback?


Any input and justification for one way or the other would be really
appreciated.  Thx.



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