[j-nsp] Route Advertisement

Prashun Jain pjain at noanetoregon.net
Thu Aug 25 11:08:06 EDT 2005


We are trying to announce smaller net blocks for interfaces using IBGP
in our network. And we are wondering what is the best practice in
Juniper land to achieve the desired result. Also we are trying to avoid
injecting these net blocks into routing and forwarding table using
passive ospf interfaces. 

For example in Cisco we can do this by using the following commands. 

router bgp xxxxxx
Network mask 
ip route null0

Any help will be appreciated. 

Thanks and Regards

Prashun Jain
Chief IP Officer 
Noanet Oregon 
921 SW Washington 97205
Tel: 503-294-5300 ext 303 

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