[j-nsp] High failure rates for M7i/M10i hard disks?

Scott Morris swm at emanon.com
Fri Aug 26 17:03:01 EDT 2005

I'd never heard that, but the again I don't read warranties!

So an MTBF of 20,000 hours is based on statistics that you really won't use
it that much, and when you do, you'll replace it with better stuff before
that time expires?

Hell, they should give cars a 40-year warranty, and just put in the fine
print thar they expect you to keep the car bubble-wrapped in a
climate-controlled facility for the first 30-or-so years.


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> > I dunno, I have laptops that have been on 24x7 for well over a year 
> > now, and they haven't crashed.  *shrug*
> Yup, and I have home PCs with ATA disks and FreeBSD that stay up 24x7 
> for months and years. *However* I have several times noticed (on 
> *some* types of ATA disks) that the disk actually spins down and then 
> spins up again, a few times each day. YMMV.

I thought using such disks 24x7 was basically breaking their warranty.


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