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Below, the next-hop refers to the BGP next hop  or the IGP next-hop? . 
Destination=BGP next hop?

''Load balancing is used to evenly distribute traffic when:

There are multiple equal-cost next hops over different interfaces to the 
same destination.
There is a single next hop over an aggregated interface.
By default, when load balancing is used to help distribute traffic, the 
JUNOS software employs a hash algorithm to select a next-hop address to 
install into the forwarding table. Whenever the set of next hops for a 
destination changes in any way, the next-hop address is reselected by means 
of the hash algorithm.

So, do I need to do configure a HAsh Algorithm to achieve load balancing? or 
by default, Router A will use All Three LSPs to send traffic to Router D?

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>This should answer your questions ...(watch for word wrap in URLs)
>You can configure load balancing using
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>We have 3x equal-cost IGP paths as shown below from router A-D:
>(A)  ------ 5 ------ (B)  ------5----  ( D)
>(A)  ---------10 -------------------    ( D)
>(A)   ------ 4------ (C)  -----6------ ( D)
>Next-Hop BGP is always router (D) loopback address. So we have multiple
>to the same next-hop bgp addresss. Will 3xLSPs load share the traffic
>to D?
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