[j-nsp] Making juniper handle native vlans

Richard A Steenbergen ras at e-gerbil.net
Fri Feb 18 17:45:37 EST 2005

I think this has been here asked before, but is there ANY way to trick a 
jnpr into handling mixed .1q tagged and untagged frames on the same 
interface a la native vlans?

I ask not because I think that native vlans are in any way the "right 
thing", but because I need to work around a certain ASIC limitation on 
some certain Crisco switches which can only handle an ethernet frame + 4 
extra bytes. This is enough room for a .1q tag, or for a single MPLS tag, 
but not both. Thus the only way to pass MPLS tags through said switch 
while still doing .1q vlans on the interfaces is to run the MPLS speaking 
portion via a native vlan. This would work fine, except that the other 
side is Juniper, which doesn't get along with this.

Someone want to hack up an fpga image that I can slap onto a GE PIC? :)

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