[j-nsp] Rate limiting (policer or CoS) on the same box

Paul Connally pconnally at utdallas.edu
Wed Jan 19 10:59:51 EST 2005

Our group has purchased a Juniper M20.  We've got an issue that I'm 
pretty sure can be accomplished, but some assistance would be helpful.

We're going to have two ISP's connected on the upstream; a POS OC12 and 
a GigE.  We also have around 8 downstream connectors, all connected via 
GigE. BGP is enabled to both upstreams and all downstreams.  Here's what 
we need to have happen:

1) Each downstream connector has requested to subscribe to a portion of 
our GigE upstream link (ex: One group wants 100Mb, one wants 50Mb, one 
wants 300Mb, etc).  Since they are paying the ISP fee based on desired 
guaranteed bandwidth, I need to set up a queue to 'guarantee' the 
downstream connector access to that bandwidth.  They would also like to 
be able to 'burst' above their subscribed level (if the bandwidth is 
available) without taking another connectors' paid bandwidth (i.e. be 
put into a secondary queue).

2) On our OC12 link, each downstream connector needs to be guaranteed a 
specific amount of bandwidth.  Queuing would be nice here, but it's not 

3) Since each downstream connector is going to have a single GigE into 
my Juniper, they would like to be able to pull stats off the Juniper as 
to how much of their border router's in/out traffic is going to the 
GigE, and how much is going to the OC12.  This is likely some kind of 
Netflow hack, but some advice to those who've done this would be helpful.

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