[j-nsp] M5 - outbound load balancing

Korey Verlsteffen korey at webstream.net
Wed Jan 19 10:35:39 EST 2005

On my M5 I have two DS3's with two different providers.  I'm trying to balance
the outbound traffic using local-preference.  Not sure if I'm doing this in the
most efficient or even the correct way.  I need some hand holding (juniper

I want to accept all BGP routes from neighbor x.x.x.x and reject everything
else.  I also want to up the local preference for certain routes.

policy-statement test-policy {
    term test-test {
        from neighbor x.x.x.x;
        then next policy;
    term otherwise {
        then reject;
policy-statement local-pref {
    term local-pref-1 {
        from {
            route-filter orlonger;
        then {
            local-preference add 50;

Does this jive?  Would I be better by adding local pref to certain as-paths
rater then routes?  Your guidance is appreciated!

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