[j-nsp] Re: Class of Service monitoring

Jerome Fleury jeje at jeje.org
Wed Jan 19 09:51:24 EST 2005

--On mercredi 19 janvier 2005 07:57 -0600 "Roberts, Michael J. (IATS)"
<RobertsMJ at missouri.edu> wrote:

> I use 'show interface queue <interface.unit>' for checking my forwarding
> queues on Ethernet interfaces.  
> On ATM interfaces, you can use 'show interface extensive
> <interface.unit>'.

It tells you that there are packets in queues, but it does not tell you if
they will be rewritten on outgoing!

> We only have Ethernet and ATM interfaces, so that is all I know off the
> top of my head.  
> Not sure how to tell if the remarking is occurring.  Maybe you can insert
> a counter into the logic and watch the counter increment as packets are
> remarked????

Hi Mike,

that's what I did first (working fine). But you have to admit that:

1/ what a pain just to count classified packets
2/ the counter tells you that packets with EXP/DSCP x are entering the
router, but it does not prove you that your classify rule has been applied
by JunOS.


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