[j-nsp] BGP session between Juniper doesn't go down

Pedro Roque Marques roque at juniper.net
Thu Jan 20 13:12:36 EST 2005

Eng Ivan writes:

> Hi all I've a problem with two Juniper routers. I've established a
> BGP session between them and even if I delete the BGP configuration
> for both neighbors and clear the BGP session it's established again
> after 1 minute. I can see it on the 'show bgp summary'

Not clear to me what you mean by "delete the BGP configuration". I'm
sure if you just do "delete protocols bgp" you don't get bgp running

I would start by removing the "allow 0/0" statement. It means that the
router is willing to establish a peering session with any box that
sends it a connection request. This is probably what is confusing you.

> Here is the configuration I've on both end, the session is
> established through the loopbacks, how it's possible to turn down a
> BGP session on the JunOS?, on the Cisco way it was really easy I
> just need to put the shutdown on the neighbor and that was all.

An incoming BGP session is accepted if:
  a) a static configured neighbor is in the config.
  b) an allow statment is found that includes the address in question.

I'd bet on b) in this case.


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