[j-nsp] routing engine communication

Janez Stravs janez.stravs at smart-com.si
Wed Jan 26 04:29:26 EST 2005


You could also try this:
It should work, if you login to backup re with local password.

Then you should be able to copy the file to backup re

web at router> file copy re0:/var/tmp/test /var/tmp/


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Okay, so I'm thinking that something changed in successive versions of
the config and I just missed it..

web at router>  copy file /var/tmp/test re1:/var/tmp/test
error: put-file failed
error: could not send local copy of file

I also can't login to the other re:

web at router> request routing-enging login other-routing-engine
Login incorrect
login: root
Login incorrect

Did I miss something? In 6.0, this immediately gives me a cli prompt
on the other RE but in 6.3, I get asked to authenticate. (And how it's
trying to authenticate is beyond me because the settings are
"[ radius password ]" which clearly aren't being checked here..)


Am I missing something blatently obvious?

Wayne Bouchard
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