[j-nsp] JUNOS Vulnerability

Eric Van Tol eric at atlantech.net
Thu Jan 27 08:02:59 EST 2005

The idea is very simple, which is possibly why no one else on the planet will raise the issue besides me.  We define several communities in our 'groups' configuration which are applied to the actual 'community' configuration.  The reason being, the communities must be defined twice - one as a regular community and one as an inverse.  Rather than typing out my community member values twice, we harnessed the power of 'groups' for this purpose.  If our communities were simple values like "x:x", I would just put them in twice, but several communities are huge regular expressions that take up several lines of configuration and will, from time to time, need to be modified.


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     in  the  past  rpd  may  have  asserted  once  you have defined a
     community  but  no members are configured and therefor this check
     was added. What Is the purpose to have communities defined without
     members ?


Wednesday, January 26, 2005, 11:31:05 PM, you wrote:

EVT> Just an annoying cosmetic issue.  We are applying configuration groups
EVT>  to community definitions and are not defining the 'member' statement in
EVT>  those community definitions.  The config just complains of the missing
EVT>  statement:

EVT>  ## Warning: missing mandatory statement(s): 'members'

EVT>  The communities still appear to work and I can reference them in
EVT>  operational mode without a problem.  This occurs in 7.0R2.7, I am not
EVT>  sure if it occurs in other releases.  I know that it did not occur in
EVT>  7.0R1.5.  JTAC is currently seeing if they can reproduce it.  It's just
EVT>  annoying that we'll have to update again if we deem the warning message
EVT>  unbearable to deal with.

EVT>  In any case, at least upgrading didn't cause 50 other operational
EVT>  problems like an IOS upgrade.

EVT>  -evt

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EVT>  Eric Van Tol wrote:
 >> [snip]
 >> We upgraded Junos last night (and immediately found a cosmetic bug in
 >> the new version!).

EVT>  anything that's annoying or really *really* just cosmetic? :)

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