[j-nsp] Juniper support options?

Robert Brewer rbrewer at lava.net
Thu Jan 27 16:30:56 EST 2005

Hello all. We have two Juniper M5 routers that we're very happy with. When we 
first bought them we had a support contract from Juniper directly, had access 
to JTAC and the support web site, and all was good.

Last year when we tried to renew our support contract we were told that you 
can't get support directly from Juniper any more, it has to come from a 
reseller (Solunet in our case). All support goes to the reseller, so we can't 
open tickets with JTAC and we have no direct access to the Juniper tech 
support web site or software images. Everything has to go through Solunet, 
and their support simply hasn't been up to the level we had gotten from 
Juniper: when we need a new software image, we had to call them up, and they 
emailed us a link where we could download it.

It's time for us to renew our support contract again, and I'm just wondering 
if it really is true that there is no way to get support directly from 
Juniper, including get access to the Juniper support site? If so, it seems 
like a stunningly bad decision on Juniper's part, IMHO.

 - Robert
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