[j-nsp] portchannel 3750 <-> Juniper M40

Alexander Koch efraim at clues.de
Tue Jun 7 02:52:44 EDT 2005

[ also asked on cisco-nsp, but just in case anyone knows
this right away. bear with me for 'crossposting' please. ]


I have a problem that did cost me one half of this night -
and I hope anyone can shed some light on it. I tried to
bring up a Portchannel to a newly- deployed 3750 and it did
not work. The two GE-PICs in the Juniper have the latest
revision of their firmware, and it was a E-FPC, so that was
taken care of already.

When I configured the Portchannel on the 3750 the two trunk
ports were suspended due to LACP not being active on the
other side -- which is correct as I did not change the
configuration there yet.

I put the usual config for the ae0 on the Juniper, with lacp
active, and on the 3750 that comes down to 'channel-proto lacp'
and 'channel-group 1 mode active'. After all interface and
Po1 were in sync the Aggregated Ethernet (/Portchannel) did
not come up. All shut/no shut here and there did not help.

Anyone here has any ideas/clues on this? JunOS as well as
IOS are exactly the same on several other boxes, also M40,
also 12-port 3750. IOS was c3750-i9k91-tar.122-25.SEA.tar.

Please, any clues on that one? Would the same thing work
'by accident' if I leave out LACP? I have to admit I am not
aware of all implicitations on that, and not yet fully awake
again (sort of).

Thanks a bunch,

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