[j-nsp] Is bfd helpful in this scenario ?

C. Hagel nanog at lordkron.net
Thu Mar 17 01:33:07 EST 2005

Yes, actually the M series routers run off the internal PCMCIA flash
card normally, so from all perspectives (except logging) your router
will forward normally.  You will, however need to open a JTAC case to
get an RMA for the RE of your router (providing you have an active
support contract). 

On Thu, 17 Mar 2005 13:22:05 +0700
Le Hai Dang <danglhai at gmail.com> wrote:

LHD> Hi,
LHD> - If the HDD of the active RE fails, can M box continue normally
LHD> (except the logging process) ?
LHD> Thks.
LHD> Dang
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