[j-nsp] M series RE failover * subject change

Eric Van Tol eric at atlantech.net
Thu Mar 17 10:03:26 EST 2005

I, too, experienced something similar, however our HD problem caused an
SSB switchover.  Ensure that your 'redundancy keepalive-time' is not set
too low.  If this is set too low, the possibility exists of an
unnecessary switchover.


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On Thu, Mar 17, 2005 at 07:21:13PM +0700, Le Hai Dang wrote:
> Let's say internal flash is available; if HDD in active RE fails, will
> M box try to make an automatic switchover to the standby RE without
> any external intervention ?

In my recent experience a chassis alarm was raised on active RE when the
HDD failed (console showed disk read/write errors) but no other change.
Ie keeps running on the active RE.

Active RE (with failed disk) continued to run for a while (~5 hours in
my case)
Eventually it appeared to get stuck on something (maybe trying to write
a log file to the dead HDD) and the backup RE took over after no

This was with a 6.4-ish Junos running at the time.

Not sure if that is expected behaviour as I never did get around to
the doco that covers this area.


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