[j-nsp] juniper m5 and flapping pings

Florian Taeger mail at konfu.de
Mon Mar 28 08:36:38 EST 2005

Hi everybody,

I'm just experiencing some very strange behaviour of a m5 router. The router is
used to speek bgp with around 200 peers and with 3x 1000Base-SX and 4x
100Base-TX interfaces. Everything seems to work properly, but every 45 to 60
seconds the pings to all external targets jump up to 40ms (or even 80ms) for
some ms. Then everything works fine again at <5ms. I tried to change the
chassis to a m10 but the problem itself does not disappear. I even changed the
pics, but again the problem did not disapear. I don't think the router engine
causes this problem - everything else workes fine (routing itself, ...).

So I'm not quite sure what could cause this behaviour. The router is at a cpu
load < 30% ...

Does anyone of you know this issue? Any suggestions? I do not have a spare
routing engine, so I'm not able to change this part at the moment. Everything
else (chassis, pics) were changed in the past - without any change of the

Best regards,


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