[j-nsp] juniper m5 and flapping pings

Florian Taeger mail at konfu.de
Mon Mar 28 08:50:25 EST 2005

I'm pinging via the box ... I tried different servers ... everywhere the same
problem. I even changed switches etc. It must be the m5 causing this problem.
but why ...



Quoting Erdem Sener <erdem.sener at borusantelekom.com>:

> Hi Florian,
> Are you pinging 'from' the box itself or "via" the box? In case you're
> experiencing
> this "from" the box, you should check whether if you have logging
> enabled
> on a firewall filter applied to interface(s).
> You could also do a "show chassis cfeb" and check the CPU status.
> Cheers,
> Erdem
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>> Hi everybody,
>> I'm just experiencing some very strange behaviour of a m5
>> router. The router is used to speek bgp with around 200 peers
>> and with 3x 1000Base-SX and 4x 100Base-TX interfaces.
>> Everything seems to work properly, but every 45 to 60 seconds
>> the pings to all external targets jump up to 40ms (or even
>> 80ms) for some ms. Then everything works fine again at <5ms.
>> I tried to change the chassis to a m10 but the problem itself
>> does not disappear. I even changed the pics, but again the
>> problem did not disapear. I don't think the router engine
>> causes this problem - everything else workes fine (routing
>> itself, ...).
>> So I'm not quite sure what could cause this behaviour. The
>> router is at a cpu load < 30% ...
>> Does anyone of you know this issue? Any suggestions? I do not
>> have a spare routing engine, so I'm not able to change this
>> part at the moment. Everything else (chassis, pics) were
>> changed in the past - without any change of the problem.
>> Best regards,
>> Florian
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