[j-nsp] Timezone

Andrey Zolotnitskiy andrey at nit.kz
Mon Mar 28 23:55:57 EST 2005

Hello, Jody!
You wrote to Andrey Zolotnitskiy on Mon, 28 Mar 2005 22:40:46 -0600:

 ??>> I`m newbie with Juniper. As it is possible to establish non-standard
 ??>> timezone, for example GMT+5?

 JH> In edit mode:

 JH>   set system time-zone ?

No, well I not so the newbie ;-)

In the list of the possible zones which are given out by this command, there
are no zones of type GMT +/-N. Actually the question consisted in the
following - whether there is a way to expose timezone which is not present
in the list only means cli?


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