[j-nsp] boot from ethernet...

Nils Swart nils at tdsdata.net
Wed Mar 30 05:08:21 EST 2005

Hi Erol,

> i have damaged my hdd and i don't have compact flash. i have pcmcia
> flash with required image. But what is the solution if i don't have
> pcmcia-flash card. I think that i can install or load image from
> ethernet but i can't find anything about this case.
> Is there anybody that practise this case or what are the steps
> installing from ethernet.

You're fine with the pcmcia card [powercyle /w pcmcia card in RE], but 
without it you are pretty much in the dark. Haven't tried this but you 
would need something that does BOOTP & TFTP to distribute the kernel, and 
if supported by the installscripts, an NFS share that holds the actual 
individual bundles (jdocs, etc).

Presumably since all of these routers are delivered with PCMCIA card (or 
these days with a CF card & CF-to-PCMCIA adapter) there would be no need 
to reinstall from lan...


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