[j-nsp] Non-IQ CHDS3 & COS

info at beprojects.com info at beprojects.com
Thu May 12 14:03:31 EDT 2005

Is anybody running a non-IQ CHDS3 broken out into DS1's with COS for 
voice and if so, would you mind sharing the COS settings and let me know 
how it works.  We'd like to move our CHDS3's from a C router to our 
Juniper's, but we don't have $75k to buy a 4-Port IQ CHDS3 card (we can 
get the non-IQ ones used for < $1000).  Our big issue is voice priority 
and I was wondering if it works ok prioritizing the voice at the 
physical interface level and not at the logical level since you can only 
do that on the IQ cards.

Also, does anybody know if the logical COS requirement exists for 
multilink interfaces?  Say I have a non-IQ card and I have a link 
services PIC bundling two T1's intp a multilink bundle.  Could I use COS 
on the  multilink interface?  Or do I need the IQ card for that as well?



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