[j-nsp] cRTP between Juniper M40e(PE) & Cisco (CPE's)

Hemant Narkhede hemantn at houstontechnologies.com
Sun May 22 08:04:05 EDT 2005

Hi Guys,

I am trying to configure cRTP ( IP header compression ) between Juniper M-series & Cisco routers.

Can I use iphc-header compression on Cisco & Juniper. But according to my knowledge Juniper supports only ietf.

We can't change Cisco since thousdands of customer connected to that. So if cRTP would work then either we have to change Cisco IOS ( so that it supoorts IETF ) or change Juniper JUNOS version ( which supports iphc-header)

So what will be the workaround for this ?


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