[j-nsp] SSH Server

Craig Pierantozzi tozz at bind.com
Tue May 24 21:44:27 EDT 2005

When you typed this below, you committed the
configuration after right?  What error are you
receiving?  Are there any filters on the interfaces?

You shouldn't _need_ to generate keys to access
the router using ssh client.  BTW, the default
protocol version should be ssh v2 and unless you
configure v1 you must use v2 to connect.

Connecting from garnet to R1 with basic config is
a success:


craigp at R1> show configuration system services

craigp at R1> monitor start messages

craigp at R1>
*** messages ***
May 24 18:45:36  R1 sshd[3008]: Accepted password for craigp from port 2482 ssh2



craigp at garnet> ssh tp1
craigp at tp1-fxp0.englab.juniper.net's password:
--- JUNOS 7.0R2.7 built 2005-01-06 06:58:15 UTC

craigp at R1>



On May 24, 2005, at 7:10 PM, Giuliano Cardozo Medalha wrote:

> People,
> We have a J2300 with Junos-Jseries-7.2.
> How is possible to configure SSH system service.
> I have tried:
> router#set system services ssh protocol-version v2
> but ... when I try to autenticate with a SSH client ... it said to me
> that is not possible to do.
> It is necessary to generate RSA and DSA public keys ?
> Thanks a lot
> Giuliano
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