[j-nsp] Momentary CFEB alarm on bootup for M7i?

Nils Swart nils at tdsdata.net
Thu May 26 10:08:46 EDT 2005

Hi Joe,

> I have a new M7i and I've noticed that on bootup that there is a 10 second
> period where I'm getting a CFEB alarm.
> Is this anything to worry about? Is it just that the CFEB hasn't completely
> booted yet?

Indeed, the CFEB is resetting and as with any CFEB reset it will make note 
of that.

> May 25 01:26:48   chassisd[2517]: Resetting CFEB 0
> May 25 01:48:16   craftd[2539]:  Major alarm set, CFEB not online, the box
> is not forwarding


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