[j-nsp] JunOSe - IS-IS Dynamic hostnames

Walter De Smedt wdesmedt at telenet.be
Sun May 29 16:10:23 EDT 2005


I am facing a cosmetic issue with IS-IS run from a non-default virtual 
router with JunOSe 5.3.1 (E-Series). It seems that no hostname is 
exchanged with the locally generated LSP's (TLV type 137). The virtual 
router itself resolves its own NSAP address correctly in the 'show isis 
database' output, but a detail of the local entry shows that the 
hostname TLV is missing. As a consequence, all other IS's in the domain 
don't have the hostname TLV for the LSP's generated by the virtual 
router either, and just list the NSAP address instead of <real 
hostname>:<virtual routername>.

Is this expected behavior in virtual router context or is this a bug?



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