[j-nsp] RE233 flash refurb

Chris Cappuccio chris at nmedia.net
Fri Aug 11 20:30:37 EDT 2006

Richard A Steenbergen [ras at e-gerbil.net] wrote:
> Flash is not the enemy of the RE-233/1.0, though these days you probably 
> can't even install a modern image onto it (you certainly can't do a 
> jbundle upgrade on a 96MB CF stock RE-333/2.0 without extensive hacks 
> since 7.2, or "at all" since 7.4). It's a Pentium Pro 233MHz for gods 
> sake, you can't put enough EDO memory into it to load a routing table. 
> It's trash, dispose of it accordingly.

Good point... Actually I've got a few RE333-768, one has 286MB free and
takes two full tables so with hard disk swap, an RE233 with 512 will
technically still work, although it might be painful.  Maybe I should just
locate a 333 for this piece of junk :) 

> M40s are still cool for experimenting with though. You can power pretty 
> much anything off of the cPCI board, and hook up pretty much anything into 
> the PFE via rj45. Some day soon I will have to upload a picture of an M40 
> running dual-RE Teknor 6U blade server boards w/hacked bios that is 
> connected to the backplane via a little 5 port netgear hub to 
> juniper.cluepon.net. :)

Yeah, send me the picture :)  The bios hack is necessary for junos to boot
I would imagine?  What's the process...

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