[j-nsp] Link Problems between P-1GE-LH and Cisco 3524 with LX Gbic

Joerg Staedele / Trusted Network js at tnib.de
Mon Aug 21 10:39:10 EDT 2006


we expirienced a strange problem some time ago.

We have a P-1GE-LH which is connected via a 2m long Singlemode-Cable and
"Dampening Units"(?) to a Cisco LX Gbic in a Cisco 3524.

This worked for several month but last Tuesday the Link on both, the
Juniper and Cisco side went down. For me it showed like someone pulled
the cable, but noone really did.

After 12 Minutes the Link came up again and everything was back to
normal. Logfiles didn't show anything unusal beside the normal
SNMP-Traps for a down Interface.

Today, we had the same issue and the link was down for 20 Minutes and
came back again.

So i'm unsure about the problem. Are there any possibilities on the
Juniper (maybe some hidden/unsupported commands) to check the PIC and/or
optics on it?

Or does someone have another idea?

Best regards,


Mit freundlichen Gruessen,

 Joerg Staedele

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