[j-nsp] Juniper log settings

Erdem Sener erdems at gmail.com
Mon Aug 28 08:43:33 EDT 2006


 If you don't want 'too much information' within a single logfile, you
also have options :

1) alter your config with different filenames with different types of
information such as:

file messages {
            any notice;
            archive size 10m files 30;
        file infos {
            any info;
            archive size 10m files 100;
        file major {
            any error;
            archive size 5m files 100;
        file firewall {
            firewall any;
            archive size 5m files 100;
        file user-log {
            interactive-commands any;
            archive size 5m files 30;
        file Kernel {
            kernel any;
            archive size 10m files 30;

2) you could use 'traceoptions' under [edit protocols bgp] and/or
[edit protocols bgp group XXX] and enable flag 'state', which will log
up/down status in the traceoptions file you'll specify:

group iBGP {
            type internal;
            traceoptions {
                file ibgp.log size 10m files 20;
                flag state;


On 8/28/06, Jee Kay <jeekay at gmail.com> wrote:
> On 28/08/06, Kanagaraj Krishna <kanagaraj at aims.com.my> wrote:
> >         file messages {
> >             any notice;
> >             authorization info;
> >         }
> If memory serves, JunOS logs BGP neighbour down messages at NOTICE,
> but logs BGP neighbour up messages at INFO. For the same reason, our
> management software only sees things going down via syslog but has to
> SNMP for things going up :)
> If you change that to 'any info' you should be good to go.
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