[j-nsp] transporting a portchannel over two GE, does ethernet-ccc work?

Alexander Koch efraim at clues.de
Mon Feb 6 05:20:07 EST 2006

Let me ask the crowd....

I would like to carry 2 GE links from Juniper A to Juniper
B, and I would like to just carry two GE with ethernet-ccc,
while allowing the party I do the transport for to do a
portchannel over my transport.

I learned that you can say 'ethernet-ccc' even on ae0, but
what happens with it if you have 1.5 Gbit/s and you want to
drop that on the other side since I know that a l2circuit on
an ae0 *trunk* (vlan, subint) has the tendency to put
traffic on a single GE out of that port bundle as the label
it is coming in via stays the same all the time or so.

In a perfect world I do two times ethernet-ccc on the GE
ports themselves and the receiving party can do their own
portchanneling (presumably with something like LACP or it
would not exactly make too much sense). Now would that work?

Any ideas or experience would be greatly appreciated.


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