[j-nsp] transporting a portchannel over two GE, does ethernet-ccc work?

Hannes Gredler hannes at juniper.net
Mon Feb 6 12:45:37 EST 2006

some clarification: customer-LACP over ethernet-ccc is transparently transported,
however LACP over aggregated-ethernet-ccc is locally terminated (i.e. sent up to the RE)


Alexander Koch wrote:
> Let me ask the crowd....
> I would like to carry 2 GE links from Juniper A to Juniper
> B, and I would like to just carry two GE with ethernet-ccc,
> while allowing the party I do the transport for to do a
> portchannel over my transport.
> I learned that you can say 'ethernet-ccc' even on ae0, but
> what happens with it if you have 1.5 Gbit/s and you want to
> drop that on the other side since I know that a l2circuit on
> an ae0 *trunk* (vlan, subint) has the tendency to put
> traffic on a single GE out of that port bundle as the label
> it is coming in via stays the same all the time or so.
> In a perfect world I do two times ethernet-ccc on the GE
> ports themselves and the receiving party can do their own
> portchanneling (presumably with something like LACP or it
> would not exactly make too much sense). Now would that work?

LACP is treated transparently just as any other ethertype.
- so assuming your customer can do a perfect balancing of
   traffic this would work. also watch out for MTU issues !


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