[j-nsp] Bad RSVP msg type between J2300/7206VXR

Eric Van Tol eric at atlantech.net
Fri Feb 10 08:06:45 EST 2006

Hi all,
I've got a case opened with (Cisco) TAC on this, but I was hoping
someone else may have seen this before.  I'm trying to set up an LSP
between a J2300 and Cisco 7206VXR using RSVP signalling.  I'm getting
the following message on the 7206, from the interface attached to the

Feb 10 12:07:19.880: RSVP: Unknown received from IP layer  (IP HDR
*Feb 10 12:07:19.880: %RSVP-3-BAD_RSVP_MSG_RCVD_TYPE: RSVP Message had a
bad type: 20
-Traceback= 60C77DB8 60C86250 60C6EAC0 60C6F0AC 606C7DDC 606C7DC0
*Feb 10 12:07:19.880: %RSVP-3-IP_HDR: 45C00034 604B0000 012E146F
414FE0C1 414FE0C2 10140000 01000020 000C1601
*Feb 10 12:07:19.880: %RSVP-3-MSG_1:  10140000 01000020 000C1601
F466BC74 00000000 000C8301 00000000 00000000
*Feb 10 12:07:19.884: %RSVP-3-MSG_2:  00000401 0004414F E004E0C9
414FE003 FFF60003 00010004 00000001 00000001

Corresponding RSVP traceoptions on the Juniper don't show anything out
of the ordinary, that I can tell:

Feb 11 07:38:02 RSVP send Hello New x.x.x.193->x.x.x.194 Len=32
Feb 11 07:38:02   HelloReq Len 12
Feb 11 07:38:02   RestartCap Len 12 restart time 0, recovery time 0
Feb 11 07:38:02 task_send_msg: task RSVP socket 8 length 52 flags
MSG_DONTROUTE(4) to x.x.x.194 out interface fe-0/0/1.0
Feb 11 07:38:02 task_timer_uset: timer RSVP_RSVP NbrHELLO <Touched
Processing> set to offset 1:00 at 7:39:02
Feb 11 07:38:02 task_timer_dispatch: returned from RSVP_RSVP NbrHELLO,
rescheduled in 1:00
Feb 11 07:38:02 task_timer_dispatch: calling RSVP_RSVP periodical, late
by 0.000
Feb 11 07:38:02 task_timer_dispatch: returned from RSVP_RSVP periodical,
rescheduled in 0.999
Feb 11 07:38:03 task_process_events: recv ready for RSVP

I'm only emailing this list, since a) I'm not subscribed to cisco-nsp
and b) I'm only getting this on the interface connected to the Juniper.

Thanks in advance,

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