[j-nsp] m20 BAD_PAGE_FAULT

Josef Buchsteiner josefb at juniper.net
Sun Jul 9 08:39:40 EDT 2006

this  is  a  page_fault  of the ifmon daemon. This will be started and
used once you perform 'monitor interface xx-x/x/x' maybe you have done
this  with  an atm interface. You should be able to reproduce this and
find  out what interface you start to monitor. I remember such kind of
errors  had  been  fixed  but you would need to contact jtac to confirm
based on the core file and the signature.

This has no operational forwarding impact apart form the monitor command.


Friday, July 7, 2006, 5:29:31 PM, you wrote:

ES> Hi Guys,
ES>  I'm getting once a day (without any pattern) this message in my m20:
ES>  Model: m20
ES>  JUNOS Base OS boot [7.0R2.7]
ES>  JUNOS Base OS Software Suite [7.0R2.7]
ES>  JUNOS Kernel Software Suite [7.0R2.7]
ES>  JUNOS Packet Forwarding Engine Support (M20/M40) [7.0R2.7]
ES>  JUNOS Routing Software Suite [7.0R2.7]
ES>  JUNOS Online Documentation [7.0R2.7]
ES>  JUNOS Crypto Software Suite [7.0R2.7]
ES>  1 RE
ES>  1 SSB
ES>  --
ES>  BAD_PAGE_FAULT: pid 45296 (ifmon), uid 2000: pc 0x804a354 got a
ES> read fault at 0x0, x86 fault flags = 0x4
ES>  Trapframe Register Dump:
ES>          eax: 00000000   ecx: ffffffff   edx: ffffffff   ebx: 0806c8f5
ES>          esp: bfbff79c   ebp: bfbff7c4   esi: 00000000   edi: 00000000
ES>          eip: 0804a354   eflags: 00010246
ES>          cs: 001f        ss: 002f        ds: bfbf002f    es: 809002f
ES>          fs: bfbf002f    trapno: 0000000c        err: 00000004
ES>  Page table info for PC address 0x804a354: PDE = 0x2ca51067, PTE = 14334425
ES>  Dumping 16 bytes starting at PC address 0x804a354:
ES>      f2 ae 89 c8 f7 d0 8d 70 ff c7 45 f8 01 00 00 00
ES>  --
ES>  Should I be worried about this?  Any suggestion?
ES>  Thanks,
ES>  --
ES>  Elian Scrosoppi
ES>  escrosoppi at ifxcorp.com
ES>  _______________________________________________
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ES>  http://puck.nether.net/mailman/listinfo/juniper-nsp

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