[j-nsp] Routing Engine Offline causes

Javier Gallardo Córdova jagc64 at yahoo.com
Mon Jul 10 11:39:08 EDT 2006

  On a M10i, the Master RE0 goes OFFLINE spontaneusly and the RE1 didn´t came in operation. We don´t have configured explicitaly the RE redundancy.
  The RE1 detected the RE offline condition, due there is registered next trap at messages log (at RE1 logs):
  Jul  9 06:23:26 CHASSISD_SNMP_TRAP10: SNMP trap generated: Fru Offline (jnxFruContentsIndex 9, jnxFruL1Index 1, jnxFruL2Index 0, jnxFruL3Index 0, jnxFruName Routing Engine 0, jnxFruType 6, jnxFruSlot 1, jnxFruOfflineReason 2, jnxFruLastPowerOff 0, jnxFruLastPowerOn 0)
  and these lines were recorded at "show mastership" RE1 log:
  Jul  9 06:23:46 failed to send RE info/keepalive: errno=0, total=9 in the last 20 sec
Jul  9 06:23:46 failed to send RE info/keepalive: errno=65, total=9 in the last 20 sec

  After that, we restart all RE0 & RE1 and the normal operation was recovered. However, I need to know why the RE0 goes down. I review all available logfiles with "show log" but there is not any infor about it.
  Does someone know where I can find more info about RE0 Offline situation?
  I´ll apreciate your suggest.

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