[j-nsp] Juniper M120 finally announced

Saku Ytti saku+juniper-nsp at ytti.fi
Tue Jul 18 03:09:05 EDT 2006

On (2006-07-17 15:17 -0400), Richard A Steenbergen wrote:

> Not in the traditional sense of a FEB. As I understand the design, they've 
> basically seperated out the forwarding components from the T-series type 
> design into "backend cards" which map to an FPC.

Btw. any clue what features were added to the IPII (Or is it I-Chip now?) 
in this rehash? Can JNPR recirculate now, does it have GTSM support
in hardware? Can I do vrf-table-label + ACL in VRF's? I'm not so
interested what the software can do today, just what the tune-ups in
chips are.


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