[j-nsp] OT RE: Juniper Newbie Question re: Vendors

Scott Weeks surfer at mauigateway.com
Tue Jul 18 14:21:42 EDT 2006

Someone took offense at my posting about sales critters who
troll technical mailing lists for sales leads.  Delete now
if you don't want to send a message to these people that
this is extremely impolite and totally unacceptable.  I have
deleted his name, since this was sent in private.  The
person who sent it claims he has "never solicited for
business on this list."  So, he's not the type of person I
called slimy.

>>> Cisco vs. Juniper differences. I can't seem to  find a
>>> who the standard vendors are for such items. If  anyone
>>> has positive experiences with a great vendor to share,
>>> please  let me know. Thanks!

>> If anyone approaches you to sell you stuff based on your
>> email to the list, I'd buy elsewhere.  This is just about
>> inviting every salesslime lurking on the list to attack
>> you with offers.  The only thing those folks understand
>> immediate financial consequence.

> I take great offence from you e-mail, I am in product
> management for a resellar and have never solicited for
> business on this list.
> There are many very professional sales people who
> generally work very hard for their customers and take a
> long term partnership view with their customers. All
> business exist to make profit, or else they wouldn't be in
> business. 
> If it wasn't for competition amongst sales people and
> resellars, you would be paying list prices from the
> manufactures. It is the competition in the channel that
> drives down the prices you pay as an end user and that
> alone.
> It is the manufactures who are about immediate financial
> gain. I have worked for Notel and Cisco and know the sales
> people in the manufactures are far less concerned about
> your business than the people you are calling slime.

Anyone who trolls technical mailing lists for sales leads is
being **VERY** impolite.  In the past I have posted one
question to a technical mailing list and 5-6 sales trolls
pounded me with 20+ emails and innumerable phone calls
trying to sell me stuff.  That was for ONE posting!  None of
them would take no for an answer, so I quit corresponding
with them.  However, it took 2 weeks for them to stop
spamming me.  Now, I just block them immediately.  It makes
it intolerable to post to a technical mailing list when this
happens.  Further, it's probably against the AUP of the

To be clear, when I post to a technical mailing list and am
sent Unsolicited Commercial Email (UCE) trying to sell me
things the sender is nothing more than a slimy spammer.


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