[j-nsp] Guaranteeing Minimum bandwidth on BRAS profiles

EmmanuelKwarteng kwarteng at ghanatel.com.gh
Thu Mar 9 04:35:02 EST 2006

Hi All,

I have an hiX 5300 dslam connecting to a BRAS (Juniper ERX) through an atm 
backbone. The ERX is the edge router for my ADSL customers.

I have 3 different profiles created with the management software ( Access 
Integrator) giving me 3 different categories of users.
I am able to give a peak bandwidth to each profile as follows:

profile 1:  256K
profile 2:  512K
profile 3:  1000K

I would like to guarantee a minimum bandwidth to each profile at least to the 
BRAS and it's next hop. A sample minimum bandwidth for each profile is as 

Profile 1: 32K
profile 2: 64K
profile 3: 128K

Any suggestions as to how to do this?



System/ Network Engineer
Ghana Telecom

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