[j-nsp] About "ospfIfRxBadPacket" trap messages

Vladimir S. Blazhkun v.blazhkun at pcs-net.net
Thu Mar 16 09:07:39 EST 2006

> Hi there!
> Do you have any idea or experience as below?
> We have two M20 routers running OSPF and a NMS server.
> The NMS server has been saying that the two routers send a lot of
> ║╟ospfIfRxBadPacket║╠ trap messages.
> So I checked the log messages but there are no massages about
> ║╟ospfIfRxBadPacket║╠
> Are there any bodies who know how to check the trap messages the routers
> may send?
> Please advise me~*

An ospfIfRxBadPacket trap signifies that an OSPF packet has been
received on a non-virtual interface that cannot be parsed.

Put some examples of that traps here, each trap should contain following

IfIpAddress or AddressLessIf

You may use tcpdump to catch ospf packets on that routers' interfaces.
Better if you'll write tcpdump`s output to a libpcap compatible file and
than analyze it with ethereal or same util.

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