[j-nsp] memory usage on RE-5.0 (M7i)

Rutger Bevaart rutger.bevaart at illian.net
Fri Mar 17 01:56:26 EST 2006

Hi list,

We're running an M7i (RE-5.0) as border router and I'm wondering what
typical / advised memory usage is on those. It's running 7.4R2.6.

Our M7i has:
- 7 BGP sessions (1 iBGP, 6 eBGP of which 5 full tables).
- OSPF (30 routes or something).
- light JFlow sampling.

Running the box with 512MB this puts memory usage on the RE at 85%. CFEB
memory usage is not that extreme:

  Heap utilization                   27 percent
  Buffer utilization                 25 percent
  Total CPU DRAM                    128 MB

- Are these accepted usage values or should I punt the RE memory to 768
right away?

- After upgrading to 7.5 memory usage was >100% (using swap) and I was
barely able to downgrade to 7.4R2.6. What additional memory usage can be
expected from upgrading to 7.5 and what benefits whould the upgrade offer
compared to 7.4?


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