[j-nsp] L2VPN vs VPLS

Manu Chao linux.yahoo at gmail.com
Fri Mar 24 14:19:25 EST 2006

I cannot deploy VPLS in my MPLS network with following requirement:

CE1--(Ethernet unttaged)--PE1----P----PE2--(Ethernet untagged)---CE2

With VPLS, i can emulate a LAN connecting CE1, CE2 and CE3

Can L2VPN do the same (in this case where we cannot use 802.1q between PE
and CE)?

>From standard L2VPN configuration, i have to create point to point LSPs with
i cannot have different LSP originated from CE1 untagged interface on PE1

Can point to multipint LSP help here?
Or may be impossible with L2VPN/

Thanks for your advice


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