[j-nsp] M7i interface cards part numbers

Sean Clarke sean at clarke-3.demon.nl
Thu May 4 03:42:13 EDT 2006

Hi Jee,

I confirm this part number matches our internal documentation for


Not so long ago you wrote : 
JK> Is there any way to extra the 'P/N' shown in 'show chassis hardware'
JK> from a Juniper part number? Specifically, I need to know if the E1
JK> card known as PE-10CHE1-RJ48-QPP on Juniper's website (channelised 10
JK> port E1 QPP PIC) is the same as the card that shows up as follows in
JK> show chassis:

JK>   PIC 0          REV 13   750-007626   [sn]            10x CHE1 IQ

JK> If it makes any difference, the extensive output is:

JK>   PIC 0          REV 13   750-007626   [sn]            10x CHE1 IQ
JK>  Jedec Code:   0x7fb0            EEPROM Version:    0x01
JK>  P/N:          750-007626.       S/N:               S/N [sn].
JK>  Assembly ID:  0x0272            Assembly Version:  01.13
JK>  Date:         06-10-2004        Assembly Flags:    0x00
JK>  Version:      REV 13.....
JK>  ID: 10x CHE1 IQ
JK>  Board Information Record:
JK>   Address 0x00: 36 01 01 ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff

JK> Thanks in advance,
JK> Ras

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