[j-nsp] mSyslog + Juniper logs

Rafal Szarecki rszarecki at gmail.com
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The explicit priority is a hack, which is not always neccessery. Syslog
packet looks like:

<2B Facility><1B Priority><sender IP address><Timestamp><MESSAGE>.

The "explicite-prioryty" insert string into message which is redundant to
first 3 Bytes of Syslog packets.

Your mSyslog has to be able to understand 1st 3B of packet by force of RFC.

Parsing of MESSAGE is not required by any standard. Whole Message is just
string, and Syslog is not intendednt to do any operation on message. 

However some syslog server (e.g. syslog-ng 1.6 ) can do a little with this.

Rafał Szarecki

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Hi all,

 Anyone actively using mSyslog with mysql as syslog server for Juniper

 Reason I'm asking is that mSyslog cannot parse 'facility' and
'priority' fields from Juniper logs, although 'explicit-priority' is

 I guess some code hacking is necessary but I'm just too lazy :)


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