[j-nsp] Monitoring Netscreen firewalls

Fareeduddin Ahmad fareeduddin.ahmad at gmail.com
Thu May 18 07:41:23 EDT 2006

 Hi guys.

I'm new to this list and really happy to have subscribed to it. Thanks to a
good friend.

The messages are very interesting and very much related to me.

I'm interested in monitoring the performance, availability and security
of our Netscreen firewalls and for this I want to use HP OVO, effectively.
Can anyone please suggest to me how I can use SNMP and Syslog to have this
kind of monitoring.

I want to be able to know the status of my Netscreen FWs at any second
(24x7) and be alerted instantly (e.g. through SMS, which is possible in HP
OV) whenever there is any 'Emergency' or other critical event on the

I do have an idea about configuring the NS Firewall (from 'Report Settings'
etc.) however I want to know what the best practice in this regard. How
can SNMP and Syslog be used effectively. Which type of Syslog
server is better (Windows-based or Unix-based) ? Is it possible to integrate
Netscreen's NSM (Netscreen Security Manager) with HP OVO ?

Please help.



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