[j-nsp] BGP minimum hold-time

kura at iij.ad.jp kura at iij.ad.jp
Fri May 19 09:33:37 EDT 2006


Since JUNOS7.6R1 the BGP minimum hold time has been changed from 6 sec.
to 20 sec.

 JUNOS7.6R1 Release Note:
   Changes in Default Behavior and Syntax
     The BGP allowed hold time range is from 20 through 65535 seconds.
     Previously, the range was from 6 through 65535 seconds. [Routing]

Does anyone know the ground of this change? Why is the minimum 20 sec.?
The reason seems to be well-known, but I could not find any documents.

Best regards,
Tomohiko Kurahashi <kura at iij.ad.jp>

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