[j-nsp] is-is adjacency problems

ulisses ulisses.alonso at rediris.es
Sat Nov 4 15:25:06 EST 2006


I'm trying to stablish simple level-1-2 adjacency between JunOS 7.4R3.4 (M20) and 
an IOS 12.1(15) (Cisco 7500).

I see the ISIS packets being exchanged in the interfaces counters (multicast).

The Cisco sees Juniper's packets and remains in Init state

System Id      Interface   SNPA                State  Holdtime  Type Protocol
XXXX.YYYY.7254 Fa5/1/0     0090.69ec.7c1f      Init   20        L1L2 IS-IS

but Juniper's ISIS doen't sees Cisco's ISIS packets.

XXXX.re1> show isis statistics
IS-IS statistics for XXXX.re1:
PDU type       Received    Processed        Drops         Sent       Rexmit
LSP                   0            0            0            0            0
IIH                   0            0            0           16            0
CSNP                  0            0            0            0            0
PSNP                  0            0            0            0            0
Unknown               0            0            0            0            0
Totals                0            0            0           16            0

Total packets received: 0 Sent: 0

SNP queue length: 0 Drops: 0
LSP queue length: 0 Drops: 0
SPF runs: 28
Fragments rebuilt: 25
LSP regenerations: 7
Purges initiated: 2

both links are Fast-Ethernet (not using fxp0), using 1500 as mtu

both systems have a host-name 

If I monitor the traffic I don't see the incoming packets in the interface

I think that is because packets are being dropped by the card.

All multicast packets received in the interface

there are no filters in the ethernet cards or loopback.

XXXXX.re1> show interfaces filters fe-0/1/0
Interface       Admin Link Proto Input Filter         Output Filter
fe-0/1/0        up    up
fe-0/1/0.0      up    up   inet

XXXXX.re1> show interfaces filters lo0
Interface       Admin Link Proto Input Filter         Output Filter
lo0             up    up
lo0.0           up    up   inet
lo0.16385       up    up   inet

and as you can see iso family is accepted

but I see that packets are being dropped in the Juniper's incoming interface
(see Input DA rejects).

  MAC statistics:                      Receive         Transmit
    Total octets                       4153577            77843
    Total packets                         2747             1133
    Unicast packets                         13                0
    Broadcast packets                        0                0
    Multicast packets                     2734             1133

  Filter statistics:
    Input packet count                    2747
    Input packet rejects                     0
    Input DA rejects                      2734
    Input SA rejects                         0
    Output packet count                                    1133
    Output packet pad count                                   0
    Output packet error count                                 0
    CAM destination filters: 5, CAM source filters: 0
  Autonegotiation information:
    Negotiation status: No-autonegotiation, Link partner status: Ok, Link partner: Unknown, Flow control: None

is there any possibility to log this packets? or know why this packets
are being rejected?

I have restarted everything but the router itself:

	routing process, fpc, pic, isis, arp...

link layer is ok, but it happend one time that even icmp packets were being filtered
(but not arp) and I had to restart the fpc in order to pass the icmp packets. 
Incredible but yes. It hasn't happend once again. I'm begining to think that
the problem is in the hardware but I would appreciate a lot if you suggest other
things to check.

any hint suggestion will be grealy appreciated.

Thanks so much


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