[j-nsp] is-is adjacency problems

Hannes Gredler hannes at juniper.net
Mon Nov 6 06:36:27 EST 2006

ulisses wrote:
> If I monitor the traffic I don't see the incoming packets in the interface

monitor traffic only shows traffic that arrives at the kernel.

> I think that is because packets are being dropped by the card.

your understanding is correct.

> All multicast packets received in the interface
> there are no filters in the ethernet cards or loopback.
> XXXXX.re1> show interfaces filters fe-0/1/0
> Interface       Admin Link Proto Input Filter         Output Filter
> fe-0/1/0        up    up
> fe-0/1/0.0      up    up   inet
>                            iso
> XXXXX.re1> show interfaces filters lo0
> Interface       Admin Link Proto Input Filter         Output Filter
> lo0             up    up
> lo0.0           up    up   inet
>                            iso
> lo0.16385       up    up   inet
>                            inet6
> and as you can see iso family is accepted
> but I see that packets are being dropped in the Juniper's incoming interface
> (see Input DA rejects).
>   MAC statistics:                      Receive         Transmit
>     Total octets                       4153577            77843
>     Total packets                         2747             1133
>     Unicast packets                         13                0
>     Broadcast packets                        0                0
>     Multicast packets                     2734             1133
>   Filter statistics:
>     Input packet count                    2747
>     Input packet rejects                     0
>     Input DA rejects                      2734
>     Input SA rejects                         0
>     Output packet count                                    1133
>     Output packet pad count                                   0
>     Output packet error count                                 0
>     CAM destination filters: 5, CAM source filters: 0
>   Autonegotiation information:
>     Negotiation status: No-autonegotiation, Link partner status: Ok, Link partner: Unknown, Flow control: None
> is there any possibility to log this packets? or know why this packets
> are being rejected?

unfortunately not - the packets are dropped at the very input stage where neither
the kernel/ukernel have seen it.

> I have restarted everything but the router itself:
> 	routing process, fpc, pic, isis, arp...
> link layer is ok, but it happend one time that even icmp packets were being filtered
> (but not arp) and I had to restart the fpc in order to pass the icmp packets. 
> Incredible but yes. It hasn't happend once again. I'm begining to think that
> the problem is in the hardware but I would appreciate a lot if you suggest other
> things to check.

smells like - can you do the obvious troubleshooting next -> try another port / another port on the switch,
cabling etc.

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