[j-nsp] Receiving our own OSPF LSA...

Jee Kay jeekay at gmail.com
Sat Nov 4 19:07:59 EST 2006

I am increasingly getting this on a couple of routers in a remote part
of the network... it's causing the router to revoke its own Router LSA
(age 3600, flood), then readvertising it about 2 seconds later. At no
point are any neighbours lost.

I can't for the life of me see why this would be happening but it
clearly is. I've checked for duplicate router IDs around the network
and there aren't any... has anyone seen anything like this before?

Nov  3 14:38:43 OSPF rcvd LSUpdate dr-on-network ->
(ge-1/3/0.265, IFL 0x47)
Nov  3 14:38:43   Version 2, length 112, ID dr-router-id, area
Nov  3 14:38:43   checksum 0x0, authtype 0
Nov  3 14:38:43   adv count 1
Nov  3 14:38:43 OSPF LSA Router problem-router-id problem-router-id
from dr-on-network newer than db
Nov  3 14:38:43   Our LSA

Nov  3 14:38:43 ospf_set_lsdb_state: Router LSA problem-router-id
adv-rtr problem-router-id state QUIET->GEN_PENDING

It then schedules a full SPF and basically removes itself from the
network completely for a few seconds. Needless to say, this is causing
us some problems.

Googling isn't really giving me much, and the chaps at the other end
of my JTAC line aren't being as useful as they usually are.

Thanks in advance,

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