[j-nsp] Receiving our own OSPF LSA...

Felix Schüren felix.schueren at hosteurope.de
Sun Nov 5 07:51:33 EST 2006

when you look at tcpdumps with full ethernet headers from the RE link 
(start shell; su -; tcpdump -l -n -e -i ge-1/3/0.265), what SRC MAC do 
you see? maybe this helps in debugging.

kind regards,


Jee Kay wrote:
> I am increasingly getting this on a couple of routers in a remote part
> of the network... it's causing the router to revoke its own Router LSA
> (age 3600, flood), then readvertising it about 2 seconds later. At no
> point are any neighbours lost.
> I can't for the life of me see why this would be happening but it
> clearly is. I've checked for duplicate router IDs around the network
> and there aren't any... has anyone seen anything like this before?
> Nov  3 14:38:43 OSPF rcvd LSUpdate dr-on-network ->
> (ge-1/3/0.265, IFL 0x47)
> Nov  3 14:38:43   Version 2, length 112, ID dr-router-id, area
> Nov  3 14:38:43   checksum 0x0, authtype 0
> Nov  3 14:38:43   adv count 1
> Nov  3 14:38:43 OSPF LSA Router problem-router-id problem-router-id
> from dr-on-network newer than db
> Nov  3 14:38:43   Our LSA
> Nov  3 14:38:43 ospf_set_lsdb_state: Router LSA problem-router-id
> adv-rtr problem-router-id state QUIET->GEN_PENDING
> It then schedules a full SPF and basically removes itself from the
> network completely for a few seconds. Needless to say, this is causing
> us some problems.
> Googling isn't really giving me much, and the chaps at the other end
> of my JTAC line aren't being as useful as they usually are.
> Thanks in advance,
> Ras
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