[j-nsp] 802.3ad trouble (part II)

Hannes Gredler hannes at juniper.net
Thu Nov 9 13:29:50 EST 2006

Jorn Ekkelenkamp wrote:
> Hi,
> I've created an 802.3ad aggregated ethernet link between our M40 and a 
> Nortel Passport 8110 using 2 fastethernet links (fe-0/1/3 and fe-1/1/3). 
>   As you can see below the interface (ae1) comes up just fine, using 
> both links.
> This is the physical set-up we're using:
> server --1000baseT--> nortel switch --802.3ad(2x100mbit)--> M40 --> 
> "internet"
> When I try to generate some traffic on ae1 by starting a few FTP 
> transfers (multiple downloads at the same time, from different source 
> addresses) interface fe-0/1/3 is not used AT ALL (see below). This 
> results in a maximum speed of 100mbit for the whole ae1 interface.
> Normally, I'd start looking at the config of my switch, but we've tried 
> the same set-up with a HP ProCurve instead of the Nortel Passport, which 
> produced the same results.
> Has anyone seen something like this before?

yes, this is the expected behavior ... apply more flows to the DUT and you'll see
at some point load distribution ...

not perfect (bytewise) distribution but for moderate complex traffic patterns
a good enough distribution.


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